Friday, May 31, 2013

Family Outing.

Nothing makes me more happy than spending time with my family. It's these moments that matter and appreciate the most and nothing will ever make more happy than this. These are the memories I'll be talking about when I get older so I better make them fun.=) We are a little over Utah County's restaurants, so on Monday we headed up to the City for some yummy pizza, oh and how we love some delicious, yummy, warm made from scratch Pizza, afterwards we walked around shitty creek..I mean city creek and did a little shopping. But can I just say how much I dislike shopping with the husband and Dylan..Oh my goodness they are always rushing me and on top of that the really loud music they are always playing at the stores...(I'm a mom..the less noise the better,boo!!)I prefer shopping online instead. He are some few pictures of such adventure!! Enjoy=)  photo IMG_3905_zpse6325c17.png
^^Handsome Husband ;)^^
 photo IMG_3903_zps4d4e3eba.png  photo IMG_3911_zps60785844.png  photo IMG_3928_zpse3be7f2c.png  photo IMG_3922_zps6b96f2ce.png
^^Audrina's eyes are so beautiful..half brown, half green! My friend told me that it looks like she has a little piece of pie in her eye^^

Peace & love.. Alex!!

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