Friday, January 31, 2014

Tea kind of afternoon

Hey there blog world! I haven't blog in a few months my life is completely crazy busy lately and I love every minute of it! Waking up early to feed the kiddos, putting Audrina down for her first nap and in those two hour I manage to practice yoga for an hour if available, if not just 30 minutes before my darling nephew comes over and it's crafty. coloring, super heroes fights, multiple diaper changing, cleaning and looking at my phone in between(hahaha) and lunch/dinner cooking! some days are easier than others and some are just full on stressful, but that's life and It all works out if I have a schedule to follow and it works the same with the kids. It's all about organize energy. After my sweet husband is off work we eat dinner and put the kids to be and I'm off to the gym with my BFF Aubrey! I enjoy working out and realizing my stress but mostly I look forward to hanging out with Aubrey for a few hours. I could go on and on about that girl! she is such an amazing light in my life and her energy uplifts my spirit on a daily basis,  and I'm beyond grateful for her friendship.

I have so much to share with all you beautiful people, and I can't wait to have a little hour to my self on the weekends to blog and share a little more of my life.

So tonight I came home from an amazing yoga class got some dinner for the family right afterwards Landen and I put the kids to bed so right now they are sound asleep=) really big smile! Landen left to work on his gun with his friend so I was sitting here going through some pictures  I took today and since I didn't want share them on Fb mostly because of the quality!(fb sucks like that) and let alone share them on IG so....blogging was the perfect alternative! hahaha so here you have them

some of our biggest treasures! All off these books used to belong to Landen  when he was around Dylan's age! expect the Gallop one! Dylan's favorite book is the "He Bear She Bear"
She loves him so much!^

I wish everybody a happy and wonderful weekend!
Peace and Lots of Love....Alex!!

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