Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Weekend

I live for the weekends. After a long week of cleaning the house, cooking, changing diapers,feeding and you know all that fun stuff. It sure is nice to get out and have some fun with friends and my little Family. This weekend we went to the Provo rooftop concert series(without the kids of course)I don't think i could of been able to take them and enjoy my night at the same time, while million crazy thoughts went through my head, so they stayed at my moms, while we enjoyed some good music with the company of great friends. I'm also including some pictures of my (second weekend) my darling husband now has Monday and Tuesday off=( (who has Monday and Tuesday off??) but it is, what it is and we try to make the best of it!!!
I love every single one of these human beings
This beauty right here was, $650!! Good luck selling it for that price haha
Landen and I, can't get enough of this antique store, we seriously wish we could buy everything!!!. Just look at all these lamps!
We ended the weekend visiting my darlings, Macy and Callie as well as her beautiful mother, who made a delicious potato salad! The best!!
Peace & Love.. Alex

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  1. how was the concert? I still want to do yoga with you, let's plan it :)