Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mother's Day

Mother's day Weekend was definitely a success! I woke up to breakfast all ready on the table waiting for me, and to some new yoga gear=) that husband of mine really knows how to sweep me off my feet. We all had breakfast together before Landen had to leave for work and enjoyed the rest of the morning outside. Afterwards, my beautiful family and I decided to celebrate Mother's day up in the mountains, and what a better way to spent the afternoon enjoying some fresh air with the company of the people you love the most! Oh and let me not forget the delicious BBQ we had as well. I live for these moments and experiences, I'm beyond grateful for this gift the universe has giving me, the most important gift of them all!THE GIFT OF LIFE. I love my two babies more than anything in this world and watching them become their own little selfs has been such a beautiful experience.
New bottle for my Beautiful Audry
After Landen got off work, we headed to Mapleton to have dinner with my amazing in-lawys. We celebrated Mother's Day as well as Phil's Birthday, Kent's and my Birthday. Phil made some delicious tacos, and I think I am still trying to digest all that food i ate that day....Jk. While we were there we sneaked a picture of these beautiful baby birds that are currently living on top of my in-laws outdoor chimney!!! aren't they so freaking cute? Dylan loved them and all he wanted to do was to look at them..!
Also over the weekend, I went to hang out with my favorite people...Macy and the sweet Callie, while I was there,
I sort of helped Macy re-decorate her new room, and I almost died when she pulled out this Beauty out of a plastic bag
She is the reason why i am obsessed with vintage lamps, she has the best lucky finding the most beautiful vintage lamps.
I can't wait to see what she does to her new room and how it's going look once it's done.

Peace and Love...Alex

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