Monday, June 17, 2013

weekend fun

Another weekend, another adventure. Yes, we live for the weekends..I live for the weekends! who doesn't? right?. well on Friday we headed to another rooftop concert right here in my home town, and we met up with out sweet friends, Aubrey and her sweet family, and let me tell you how much I enjoy their company, Oliver is just to die for. And My darling Macy was there to of course, and my life is complete when she is around. We had a delightful evening to say the least. Afterwards our friend Dylan Roe invited Landen and I to come enjoy some beers and some amazing music at a local bar where he played with his band. You guys need to check them out, such talented people, we were so glad we could make it, we enjoyed every minute of it.

Landen and I usually take a day out of the weekend for ourself's and Friday was "OUR" night. And as much as I love my kids with all of my heart, it is essential for us to enjoy our self's and each other without the kids needing our full attention 24/7. The rest of weekend we spent doing family activities. We took Dylan and Audrina to watch EPIC, and oh my gosh! I think I loved the movie more than my kids did, I highly recommended. It's beautiful!!. Take your kids, partner, friends...anyone, you'll love it.


I woke up to Dylan sleeping on my arm. We didn't noticed when he came into our room. His nightmares are getting our of control.=(
He cracks me up so much!!
^^Provo farmers market^^
Water and shoes at a soccer game.

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