Thursday, June 13, 2013


Yeah, summer is here and there is no saying otherwise. My in laws are extremely busy people, always traveling and hardly ever home, it feels like, so grandpa Erickson made some time out of his busy schedule to take Dylan And Audrina to the carnival..and we decided to tag alone.=) The minute we told Dylan we were heading there, he literally freaked out and his whole facial expression changed, and the minute we got there he went straight to the motorcycle ride(his favorite)followed by flying dinosaurs haha and well Audrina didn't really care or probably didn't even know where we were. She was a little amazed by the rides and kicking her legs to some live music playing there. Ahh! I love summer time, I love being able to go out on a summer night with my little family, and making a memory of it. I'm looking forward to all of the summer activities coming our way.
Ps. If you live in Provo or Utah County or anywhere really, don't missed the hot air balloon festival coming up next month.
^^We are working on getting him to smile more when we he gets his picture taken..but that's just Landen.^^
^^Being amazed by all the loud noises coming from the rides while hanging out on grandpa's shoulder^^
^^Dylan's favorite^^

I need to get better at being on the pictures too, not just the one taking the pictures!! haha!!

Peace and Love..Alex

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