Thursday, August 29, 2013

My spiritual journey.

Today I'm going to get personal as I talk about my journey with spirituality and yoga. And how both have been a huge tool in my life the past 3 years.
I got Pregnant at a young age, and at the time I had no idea about what being a mother was all about or the precious gifts motherhood grands you. At that time my perspective on life was very childish and immature. I had the kind of my set that if they world is being destroyed I could care less to save it or fix it, because either way I was going to die. When Dylan was born I experienced one of the most profound experiences of my life, and that was becoming a mother. I no longer was caring for my self but for a tiny human being as well. As time went by I learned more and more things about my self and about what it's to be human being. I remember hanging out with Landen and having very profound talks about life and our purpose here on this planet. It wasn't until Dylan was around One when Landen and I started getting into spiritually, and finding answers about our purpose as human beings because we both had that urge to be the best parents we could for Dylan, and how were we going to do that? when we didn't even know who we where and what we wanted in life? Well we started watching tons of documentaries and a lot of videos such as FOOD INC and NO IMPACT MAN, these two were related to becoming better people, to actually see what's going on in this world, because this beautiful Planet that we have today and that it's being destroyed will be the only thing we leave our children and grandchildren, and that childish mind set I once had was gone, and it was gone for good. After watching plenty of documentaries we made little changes to our lifestyle but that thought of being a better citizen of the world got stuck in the back of my head. It's hard to turn your life over night(at least for me it is) so I knew I need to change my way of living but I had to do it slowly. Right after that Landen introduced me to one of the most inspirational beings on this plate, the one and only Terence Mackenna. The first time I ever heard a talk from him, something in my head switched or a light come on, He changed my whole perspective on life.... I knew then that Human beings were not ordinary, that in order to change your life and becoming better human beings we need to look inward, look deep within our self's, to find our purpose. And Landen and I did just that, we started looking in to meditation and the benefits it offers. We did meditation for 4 months every night and I can tell you this, those four months were the most peaceful months of my joke! I also started seeing the number 11:11 all the time and I still do, i feel like every time i looked at my phone it would always be 11:11am or Pm but  it wasn't until a few months back I actually started to look more in to it, and this is what I found. (11:11) &(this) there is thousands of articles and videos about the number 11:11, and the moment I read a few of them, I got the chills because it was so spot on, I've been going through all these changes and not just physical but mental. This year I started seeing 2:22 and 4:44 it freaks me out!!! ha ha. Landen sees the number 34 everywhere too!. I'm happy to say that the end of last year and beginning of this year, I made positive changes in my life not just for me but for my family as well. We started to eat healthy and getting rid of gmo's and processes foods. We dont eat out as much and we try to cook dinner at least 5 days out the week. I started drinking green smoothies and practicing yoga every day. Last year around the time Audrina was born we go rid of 3 things; Cow milk, paper towels and TV. (well mostly for Dylan) Landen and I need to watch some netflix once in a while. HA, but as for Dylan we do not let him watch any tv. I'm proud of my family and how far we have come, to life a positive life and to be more happy.

It's been 3 Year since my awaken call, and I do strongly believe that we are going through a global awaking. Just look at all the things happening in this world today, people standing up for what they believe, because we are not meant to be control. So many conspiracies about our government and world leaders. Human beings are powerful creatures, we have the ability to heal our self's but yet they are poising our food with gmo and destroying the environment. Just thinking about the universe and how infinite it is puts things in perspective, and the fact that we are doing everything wrong. There is so much hate in this world but little love and compassion. All I know is that I find my self very center at this moment in time, and in order to change the world we need to start by changing our self's and once we see this world with different eyes we can teach our littles what it is to be human being. and thats my goal to raise my two children the best i can.

Remember Material items are not important, money is an illusion, the only thing that matters in this world is Love and compassion. Stop trying to be better than everybody else, stop your anger and jealousy and be happy for those who have more than you and mostly importantly be happy with what you have, because they are plenty with less than what you have. -Namaste-



  1. You're so rad, I'm so stoked that I can relate to such a awesome friend like you. <3