Thursday, August 29, 2013


Yoga!! Well, like a lot of you know, I'm obsessed with yoga. I do yoga every day at home and I attend a class once a week at my local yoga studio. Yoga has teach me a lot of thing about my self and about my life. There isn't one day that goes by that practicing yoga reminds me of the importance to be alway be thankful and to life a positive life. I recently watched two very inspirational documentaries. "10 Questions For The Dalai Lama" and "the sun behind the clouds" I recommend all you to watch in. watching them reminded me to let go of any attachment towards anyone or anything. It goes hang in hand with the practice of yoga. To me yoga and practicing yoga isn't about the poses it's about centering my self in the universe, 40 minutes of being present in the moment with nothing in mind but my self, and the spiritual being that i am. I practice yoga not only because it's healthy for you body and mind, but it keeps me from being negative and from allowing hate, resentment and jealously in to my life. All these negative feelings do not affect anybody else but me, and I can't allow my self to feel this way, when i'm beyond fortunate to have the life that I have. To have a husband that is constantly making me happy and my two beautiful kids that put things in perspective, as well as my sisters and parents and in laws and amazing friends that have always been there for me..I'm grateful and my life doesn't suck, my life is beautiful and I choose to life a beautiful happy life. "I"m the only one in control over everything that happens in my life. If i'm sad, I choose to be sad, if I feel hate..I choose to feel hate. Life is the amazing journey that no every one is fortunate to take, let's make the best out it, by having beautiful experiences. here are some yoga quotes to lift up your spirit (yoga)

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  1. Amazing! How did you get so good? Was it just from going to classes, or did you learn from somewhere else too?