Sunday, October 27, 2013

Autumn fun

Once a week this is what my backyard looks like, Four tiny humans making the most out of the fall before the snow comes. We are taking advantage of every single sunny day we get, the kids love playing outside and I to enjoy spending a few hours out breathing the fresh fall air, and doing some yoga poses while at it. I know every one will miss those sunny summer days/fall but we are welcoming the winter with wide arms. To be honest winter isn't my favorite but I rather have a positive outlook on it than feeling miserable about it. Just thinking about all the fun activities the kids will be able to do this winter, gets me more excited about it. This year we are planning on teaching Dylan how to ski, and we are planning on spending every weekend up in the mountains. Speaking of mountains, Utah locals if you haven't you need to take a day to head out to your closes canyon and enjoy the fall as well as the beautiful scenery Utah has to offer, but the most important thing...take a day for your self accompanied by nature. YOU NEED IT... WE ALL DO!

Peace & love..Alex

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