Thursday, August 8, 2013

gone for a while.

Hello Everyone, It's been a while... My life has been crazy busy, between the kids, the husband, a little bit of social life here and there and GoldRaven that's basically where all of my time goes these days. I don't remember when was the last time I posted something on this blog, and I miss it. I promised my self to be a constant blogger but I just can't compromise haha.

I've been going to my local yoga studio, taking a many classes as my busy schedule let's me. I've realized that the yoga teachers I follow on Instagram have been doing yoga for years, so I figured that if I'm taking the yoga teaching course in January I should work on my asanas as much as I can. I've also been running a lot, witch is crazy because running isn't my favorite thing in the world. The first time I went running I was shocked to find out how much strength my body had. I feel like the fact that I've been doing yoga for almost a year helped me with my condition and strength in my legs and my whole body. I was very pleased.

Ever since I can remember I've been an active human being and I came to realized that it's crucial for me to stay active for that staying active gives me the energy my body needs to get through the day. My goal isn't to get skinnier or build muscle, although that's always nice(building muscle), working out and doing yoga are ways for me to get rid of my stress in a healthy way. I love the way I feel after the gym, but nothing will ever compare with the way I feel after a yoga class. I would be keeping you all inform though out my journey with yoga, so stay tuned.

ps. Audrina is turning ONE this Saturday, time went by so freaking fast I can not believe she is going to be one in a few days. We will be celebrating her birthday this Sunday, so hopefully I can take some cute pictures to share with you guys.


  1. Where do you go to yoga? I love yoga and have been dying to go to a class... Hopefully I can be as good as you!! Your progress is amazing!

  2. Haylie!! I started doing yoga at home.. I finally made my way to a studio. I would say 3b yoga at the riverwoods is one of my favorites. You should check them out!! And thank you, you are so nice!!